About Us

When Quality Counts, You Can Count On Us!

As an Edmonton company that is owned and operated by former HVAC contractors, we understand your business and your customers! And, with decades of experience in the HVAC industry, we know the challenges involved in providing a high level of customer service while remaining competitive. That is why our entire production, manufacturing, and distribution process is designed around your Modular needs! Quality HVAC Products’ ever-growing product lineup and inventory selections ensure you have reliable access to parts and supplies. Let us MAP it out for you!

Who We Are

Quality HVAC is a company built around your needs in Modular HVAC.

As your trusted HVAC partner throughout the complete Modular HVAC process life cycle, our
dedicated solution experts will provide you with the most efficient system at the best price!

What We Do
  • HVAC Custom Design
  • HVAC Custom Fabrication
  • HVAC Manufacturing
  • HVAC Distribution
  • HVAC Controls
  • HVAC Service
Quality HVAC Life Cycle

Modular Adaptive Production System (M.A.P)